Practices of French weddings

Everyone in France is required to marry in a church before they can marry at the Mairie ( town hall ). It is typically a brief festival presided over by the mayor of France, and it is where you become legally married. Some people opt to perform this earliest, followed by a catholic festival, and finally the other way around, and some even choose to do both on the same time!

In contrast to American ceremonies, the French choose two or four temoins to serve as the girls and best man as their civil ceremony’s testimony. The temoins are hardly remarkable to be home members, and they frequently serve as the child’s witnesses at their chapel ceremony. Although it is not totally required by convention, it is typical for the temoins to use outfits that are a little more formal than what the bride and groom will become wearing.

The wedding commonly leaves the bride’s apartment before the wedding, where a procession of musicians, her father, his mother, and guests follows. Youngsters frequently obstruct the princess’s course with white ribbon that she must cut on the way to the church or temple as a signal that she is surmonting hurdles that married life might entail.

Many people does hold a lavish greeting at a stadium with plenty of dancing once they are married. The celebration may continue well into the day and occasionally even until the first hours of the following day because the music french bride is normally noisy! It’s a great time to reconnect with friends and honor the happy couple.