How to Run a Successful Remote Board Meeting

As a board member you’re charged with making crucial decisions that impact the future of your company or organization. The choices you make are often made while in a meeting with your fellow board members, and it’s vital that each person in the room is fully engaged and focused. But, if your board meeting is conducted remotely, it can be difficult to keep everyone’s focus. This article will provide tips on how to run a remote board meeting that maximizes the productivity and effectiveness of your meetings.

Ensure that all participants have access to meeting information as well as the documents and information they need to be productive. Consider sharing documents before the meeting in order to let people read them ahead of the meeting. This will avoid the need to ask questions, when the answers are available by looking through the document.

Use transition slides to highlight important information at the beginning of your meeting. This could include the agenda for consent actions items, as well as financial statements. This helps organize your meeting and keeps the conversation flowing.

Encourage participants to speak if necessary to encourage participation. This can be done by calling the roll and announcing each attendee’s presence. Do not schedule meetings during meal times to avoid having people eat on camera or distracting other participants.

Before the meeting gets underway make sure you’ve checked your tech to ensure that there are no interruptions or technical glitches which could cause delays. It’s not unusual for people to miss this step, so send a reminder to everyone to guide them through the process of examining their software, microphones and cameras before the meeting begins.