Seeing Fernando and his bride-to-be Brianna Keilar tie the knot in Las Vegas on Fresh Year’s Event, you married looking for might be are you wondering why the bejesus https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/everything-to-know-about-online-dating she picked this particular date to begin with. Fernando and Brianna are not any strangers for the spotlight. All things considered, they were both stars inside their respective areas, with Fernando being a music performer and singer-songwriter and Brianna a seasoned tv personality. During their illustrious employment opportunities, they have collaborated on many hit singles and released two albums. Additionally, they teamed up along with the likes of actor Eddie Murphy, hiphop tycoon Russell Simmons and actress Jennifer Lopez.

Fernando did his share of entertaining guests with the wedding. This individual also made an appearance in the wedding reception’s cake. The tailor made cake included a nod to his past and present uses, with the desires of Fernando displaying a jerk to his storied profession in the Military services Special Aids. A custom made cake cover emblazoned together with the name for the wedding and a couple of the bride’s lucky seven included Fernando in the finest application form, sporting an Army Extraordinary Forces consistent.

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The marriage reception included as well the best of Fernando and Brianna’s respective musical talents. The duo was a struck at the party. Although they didn’t discuss the limelight, the two could actually work the family room. With the help of the wedding ceremony planners of choice, the case was a unquestionable success. A well-timed jar of bubbly certainly helped the bride’s blushes.